Wattyl x Domayne


A strategic collaboration


In 2018 the opportunity arose for Pete to broker a creative partnership between two long-standing clients, Domayne and Wattyl, that would give both brands a powerful edge in a cluttered market. 

“For the previous three years I’d worked with Wattyl to produce their annual colour forecast,” Pete said. “Each year the project evolved in size and scope, but when we were planning 2019 activity, Wattyl were keen to add a little extra magic.”

Through Pete’s contacts, he was able to secure the retail giant as an exclusive furniture and homewares partner. From there he took a deep dive into Australian lifestyles to uncover the next big thing. 

“Colourtrends are always influenced by what’s happening in the world around us,” said Pete. “My extensive research revealed four key interior trends and I set about producing a series of images and videos that would be the 2019 colour forecast for both brands to use across their in-store, digital and social channels.”


— Art Direction
— Content Strategy
— Print and Digital Design
— Production
— Social
— Styling
— Video


This exciting collaboration between Wattyl and Domayne, instigated and implemented by Pete / wonder.fy, exemplifies the strategic commercial thinking and value he brings to the Wattyl brand.

Sarah Stephenson, Brand and Communications Manager | The Sherwin-Williams Company