Creating brands full of wonder.


Creating brands full of wonder.

wonder.fy is an independent creative consultancy founded by Pete Bunce, with over 20 years’ experience creating identities, content and campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands and magazines.


Wonderfy brings an amazing amount of creative thinking and clear vision to the Wattyl brand, helping to bring the brand to life across our digital, social and point of sales channels. Pete is incredibly efficient and plans all projects with precision, but more importantly he's a joy to work with and the results are always excellent.

Sarah Stephenson, Brand and Communication Manager | The Sherwin-Williams Company


Why we exist.
We are driven by the desire to create brands full of wonder. In a world that’s increasingly cluttered with brands only those with a meaningful purpose, expressed with intent and originality, will make an impact.

What we do.
We work side-by-side with our clients and their partners to tackle big challenges in nimble ways. Together we create new brands, reimagine established ones, and accelerate growth. Our services include;

— Brand and Campaign Strategy
— Brand Identity
— Brand Positioning
— Content Strategy and Production
— Print and Digital Design
— Website development
— Social


How we do it.
Our process is governed by your challenge. When you work with us you’re not buying a magic formula, you’re buying passionate, creative minds dedicated to solving your problem in the most effective way. We consciously keep our overheads low to maximise your return on investment. We have always believed that if you look after your clients everything else looks after itself.


Pete’s extensive creative and design knowledge meant he was continually adding value to our organisation.

Jennie Smiedt, Formerly Content Manager | The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW